The 10 Best Universities in the World to Study Molecular Biology & Genetics

The 10 Best Universities in the World to Study Molecular Biology & Genetics

Molecular Biology and Genetics studies are at the top echelon of courses for science students. With advances in technology, more and more students are needed in these two fields for cutting edge research.

The top students in these fields end up being the pioneers of new discoveries. Therefore, research institutions and big companies are always on the look out for the best students to offer them enticing careers.

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And the best place to search for students in these fields are the top universities offering these programs around the world.

Here is a bit of caveat though, most of the schools on the list are very expensive. Even at that, getting a place to study is very competitive. Only the best graduate from these schools.

So here are the top 10 universities in the world to study Molecular Biology and Genetics according to rankings compiled by the well-respected publication, US News.

1. Harvard University Department of Molecular Biology

Harvard University is a world leader in many aspects of education. So is not surprising the department of molecular biology sits at the top of the rankings. Based in Cambridge, USA, Harvard University is ranked 3rd in global universities according to the latest rankings by QS.

2. MIT Department of Biology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology‘s Biology Department, not surprisingly, appears at the top of this list.It’s Biology department, according to the website, focuses on research in over 12 fields including diseases affecting humans, genetics, and human and plant molecular biology. QS global ranking of world universities placed MIT, also based in Cambridge, USA, the number 1 overall University globally.

3. University of California College of Biological Sciences

Third on the list is another American IVY league University. Base in San Francisco, the University of California College of Biological Sciences have well-established research programs for Ph.D. programs in biochemistry, cell biology, genetics and developmental biology.According to the website, priority is given to collaborative research between different programs in the college. QS latest rankings put the University of California as the 27th University globally.

4. University of Cambridge Department of Genetics

The University of Cambridge, based in England, has a world class Department of Genetics with over 20 research groups in various disciplines in the unit.The 4th ranked genetics and molecular biology school focus their research on microbial genetics, developmental biology, and population and evolution genetics according to the website.

Globally, QS ranks the University of Cambridge as the 9th overall best University globally.

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5. Stanford University Department of Genetics

The Department of Genetics at Standford encourage their students to work towards getting a Ph.D. in molecular biology and genetics. However, medical students are also allowed to conduct research in the field of humans genetics. Standford is ranked 2nd in QS list of the best global universities.

6. The University of Washington Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate program

According to the website, this program is carried out in conjunction with the Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

This University based in Seattle, USA, is ranked 61st in the overall global rankings of Universities by QS.

7. University of Oxford Department of Biochemistry

The University of Oxford Biochemistry department is one of the largest in the Europe and is sub-divided into several units including genetics and molecular biology. The best students can earn a doctoral degree after a four-year research program in fields such as genomic medicine and statistics. Based in England, this University is ranked as the 6th best University globally according to the latest standings by QS.

8. John Hopkins University Department of a Molecular Biology and Genetics

At John Hopkins, they have a long tradition of producing the best biology and genetics researchers in the world. This is underlined by the fact that currently, the department is headed by Carol Greider, a joint recipient of the 2009 Nobel Prize in the field of Medicine or Physiology. John Hopkins is based in Baltimore, USA, and is ranked 17th in the 2017 global University rankings by QS.

9. University of California – San Diego

The University of California, this time around the campus in San Diego, has an excellent program that makes it easy for undergraduate students in biology department to proceed for graduate studies upon completion of a bachelor’s of science program.This makes the transition to graduate research students seamless for students who want to be top molecular biologists or geneticists. The San Diego Campus of the University of California is ranked 38 by QS in the global universities rankings.

10. University of Toronto Department of Molecular Genetics

The Department of Molecular Genetics in Toronto, place a high premium on independent research by students. Students at the master’s level even have the option of a two-year program in genetic counseling. A rare program in the fields of genetics. Based in Canada, The University of Toronto is ranked 31st by QS in the latest global University rankings.

CONCLUSION: Going to any of these top schools requires a lot of investment in money. If funds are a problem, there are lots of scholarships options available to international students.Explore these scholarships options through research on sites like this one. Then pick the one that fits your specific needs.

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