Top 10 Best Colleges In Florida For Biology

Top 10 Best Colleges In Florida For Biology

There are a variety number of universities and colleges in USA. However, for our article, we are featuring mainly on biology colleges in Florida, United States of America. Let us take our time and study on these good institutions. Perhaps, it will be of much help in future. High school students who dream of joining these schools should take note of Florida schools. Follow this guideline and learn more about best colleges to be in Florida.

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List of Top 10 Best Colleges In Florida For Biology in 2017

10. Palm Beach Atlantic University

Palm Beach Atlantic University, Top 10 Best Colleges In Florida For Biology 2017

Palm Beach Atlantic is a faith based university located in West Palm Beach in United States of America. It was established in 1968 in a state called Florida by Jess C Moody. Rigorous studies and programs are dedicated to success and development of one life in this popular institution. Bill M.B Fleming used to serve as president of Palm Beach Atlantic University. Jess was an ordained pastor when he came up with this institution. It has a supportive and cool environment for learning. Some of courses offered include pharmacy and nursing.

9. Florida institute of Technology

Florida institute of Technology, Top 10 Best Colleges In Florida For Biology 2017

Popularly known as FIT, Florida institute of Technology was established on 22nd September, 1958. It is located in Melbourne, in Florida State. Six academic courses are emphasized mostly in this institution. They include engineering, mathematics, aviation, science and technology. There are a few branches of FIT. An example is one at United States of America Navy that was launched in 1972. Main campus covers 130 acres of land along space cost Region of Atlantic Ocean. Services offered here include Campus safety, tutoring, Health services and insurance.

8. Rollins College


Rollins is a private and art college that was established on 4th November, 1885. It is located in Winter park, Florida and near shores of a beautiful lake known as Virginia. This college is well performing in biology courses hence making its way in my article. This is just more than an achievement. There are more than 200 academic staffs and 3,207 students. Rollins covers an area of 80 acres of land in United States of America. Students that pursue their courses here are of rich families. However, scholarships are available for well performing students.

7. Nova Southeastern University


Nova is another private university that is among best performing biology colleges in Florida, United States of America. It was established in 1964 with an aim of Engaging, inspiring and making student achieve life goal. There are more than 20 thousand students studying here. More than 4 thousand students graduate each year. This campus covers an area of 480 acres of land. Formerly many people knew this university as Nova but now is commonly referred NSU. Common courses offered here include social sciences and physical. Parents in America trust it for their children who are pursuing different degree courses and Masters as well.

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6. University of Central Florida

UCF is a metropolitan American university that is public and found in Orlando, Florida. In undergraduate enrollment, this is the largest university located in United States of America. It was found in 1963 by a successful legislature who was in a mission to provide support in growing programs in USA. This public institution has high number of staff workers that add up to 2,256 and a high population of students. There are more than sixty thousand students enrolled in this school. Eight thousands students graduate yearly.

5. Eckerd College


There is no quality education discussed in this article if Eckerd College is not featured. It is a quality private college that offers biology and health programs. These courses take a maximum of four years to complete. Eckerd has a small population. There are 1,800 enrolled students. It was established in 1958, in St. Petersburg, Florida, united states of America and covers an area of 188 acres of land. Its logo has three main colors namely Black, Navy and Teal. Alumni of this school are successful and noted worldwide. Some of them include Dorothy Allison who left in 1971 and she is now a successful writer and Steve Balboni (1978), former First Baseman in New York Yankees.

4. University of South Florida


It is also known as USF. University of South Florida is located in Rampa, Florida state, in USA. This popular institution was established in 1956 with an aim of establishing wisdom and truth in entire community of Americans. More 6 thousand academic stuffs are employed here. There are also 48,793 students enrolled in USF. More than 9 thousand undergraduates are celebrated in every year. This institute is ranked among best colleges in Florida that can offer best and quality biology education to students.


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3. Florida State University


Florida State University is among valued institution of USA and specifically from state of Florida. It is a public and spacious college offering programs like arts and sciences, human sciences, education, music, social work, dance, communication and information, law, nursing and hospitality. There are more than 5 thousand official staffs employed. Out of 41 thousand students enrolled here, 9 thousand of them graduate every year. Research shows that alumni of Florida State university are very successful out there hence considered among best universities located in Florida, United States of America.

2. University Of Miami


On our second position of this article, we have University of Miami that was established several years ago. There are quite number of features that were considered for it to appear in this list. Some of them include quality academics, favorable weather for all and great students and lectures. Scholarships are available for well performing students.

1. University of Florida


This is the best university in Florida that offers wide variety of biology course, job opportunities, research and other activities. It has highest population of 52, 519 students and 30 thousand employed official staffs. 16 thousand students graduate in every year. Many courses are offered here including Pharmacy and health care, nursing, Hospitality and journalism and communication.

Those are Top 10 Best Colleges In Florida For Biology 2017. They are promising and always performing well. Most alumni of these universities are successful people. Some of them offer scholarships for well performing and determined students. You will choose a school that pleases you with its qualities, cost and performance.


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