List of 10 Best Universities in Switzerland

List of 10 Best Universities in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country known for valuing education so much. It has best, famous and oldest universities ever. Different celebrities from various countries had their schooling here and are now leading comfortable lives. Some of these schools have been ranked best worldwide and have students from other countries. Alumni of these institutions are well known for leading successful lives. Let us check on top 10 best universities in Switzerland.

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List of Top 10 Best Universities in Switzerland in 2017

10. University Of Neuchatel

University Of Neuchatel, Top 10 Best Universities in Switzerland 2017

On tenth position of this list of best universities in Switzerland 2017, is University of Neuchatel. Frederick William III of Prussia found a French speaking university in 1818. Neuchatel is located in a popular city of same name. This university made a record of enrolling more than 4,000 students in 2012. You cannot miss this name in top competitions and articles like this one. Total number of student is 4000 that are located in four different faculties. It has been listed among top 500 best institutions worldwide.

9. University of Fribourg

University of Fribourg, Top 10 Best Universities in Switzerland 2018

It is situated in a city of same name, Fribourg. This institution is among oldest universities worldwide. History of Fribourg can be from 1580 records when it was established. In 2010, more than nine thousand students were enrolled to pursue different careers for four to six years. Jesuit Peter Canisius was the founder of Fribourg University in 1889. It offers different courses including Cirricula in Swiss languages. There are five official Faculties accommodating more than ten thousand students. Environment of this place is suitable for learning and performing physical activities.

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8. University of St Gallen


This is a research university that is located in a place called St. Gallen, Switzerland. It was established in 1898. Most of courses offered here are related to economics, Business administration, international affairs and Law. Population of this school is approximately 8000 students. In Europe, St. Gallen University is ranked among top 5 best institutions to acquire a career course of your choice. Based on German language, St. Gallen is common to many people because of making good collections of modern arts. These equipments are sold to enable this school to meet its budget.

7. University Of Bern


This school was found in 1834 and is said to be very comprehensive in teaching. University of Bern is popular and many people in Switzerland love it for being able to handle quite a large number of students. Population of this school is so high. More than 17,000 students graduate yearly while others enroll to pursue different courses of their choice. Students that are enrolled in this institution must meet their requirements of having high grades from O’ levels. Because of that, there is high level of discipline experienced in entire school. Very few cases of strikes have been reported so far.

6. University of Basel

University of Basel takes a title of oldest university in entire Switzerland. It was found in 1460 and still holding a good positions in performance. Great professors and public leaders from different parts of this world went through this amazing school. There are seven faculties including interdisciplinary institutes and guidance and counseling. Other than education, students are well equipped with moral and social lessons to help them live wisely. Some of popular and learned people from this university include Paul Hermann Muller, he graduated in 1965 and Paul Erdman who left in 2007. Currently, America is proud of him for being a reliable financial writer.

5. University of Lausanne


Lausanne is a theology school in Switzerland that was found in 1537. Performance of these institutions contributed to its winning award received in 1890. Population of Lausanne University is about 13,500. Most of these students are form different countries who come to seek quality education. Among other campuses that are situated around shores of Lake Geneva, University of Lausanne is best and has a better environment for all learning processes. All you need is attaining good grades. Enrolling is easy. This is one amongst the Top 10 Best Universities in Switzerland 2017.

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4. University of Geneva


John Calvin found it in 1559. John focused mostly on theology before making University of Geneva official in 1560. There are nine large faculties and hence ranked among best and big institutions of Switzerland. Due to its high performance, most of alumni from this school get very successful in their lives and are popular. There is a promise of getting a scholarship upon performing well in exams.
Determined students therefore work their very best to attain good grades in all tests. Appearing in this list is another achievement. This is a way of advertising.

3. University of Zurich


University of Zurich is popular among many people for having high population. More than 15 thousand students are enrolled each year. Together with those that are already in school, this school has 26,000 students. I wonder how this school works to attain good grades especially in courses with many students. Braches of Zurich are scattered in Switzerland to help people that are only interested in part time classes. Degree courses are normally taught in German however, English has been introduced and is dominating at a high rate. Currently, master career courses are handled in English.

2. Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne


Popularly known as EPFL, is a university found in Lausanne that specializes mostly in Physical and engineering career courses. According to QS world rankings, Ecole is in 14th position and runs a nuclear reactor that is connected to its research. Above all EPFL is a French speaking university and second best in Switzerland.

1. ETH Zurich


In other words, this is Swiss Federal Institute of technology. ETH Zurich offers engineering, science, mathematics and technology courses. It was found in 1854 and has been well performing hence being ranked as best in entire Switzerland. There are always stiff competitions from other schools but Zurich remained best. This is due to t getting support from government. Something that I did not inform you is that ETH Zurich was fund by the government of Switzerland.


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So, these above are the Top 10 Best Universities in Switzerland 2017. This article was created to help you understand where to get quality education in Switzerland. Best universities have been listed and their performances. People in Switzerland and other parts of that country are now enrolling and taking full courses that will help them in near future.

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