The 7R’s That Can Keep You At The Top Of Your Class In College ( Read and Share)

Often times in  the Higher Institutions, students are faced with so many challenges and struggles as to how they can excel and occupy the position of being at the Top in their class, some others are also struggling with how to take their GPA from low to an enviable one. Having studied the trend of these events and how they play out,you will agree with me that the secret to excel in Higher Institutions is in WORKING HARD , however, it is also necessary to realize the need to also WORK SMART as this will enable these students achieve the best possible results within the shortest possible time,something i’d like to refer to as OPTIMIZATION.

We therefore bring you tested and trusted principles to help your everyday study in the higher institution to enable you and any other students excel beyond human imaginations in the University. This principles if applied will help you see working Hard as working easy and also enable you work smart as help achieve more and come out at the top of every subject and in your every class.

These  7R’s That Can Keep You At The Top Of Your Class In College is The Elixir of Academic Immortality,that makes you see everything as easy even when you work so hard, so what does theses 7R’s stand for?

  1. Relax
  2. Revise
  3. Rewrite
  4. Read
  5. Recite
  6. Reflect
  7. Review

Now lets take this One after the other

RELAX: Often times after the days lectures/classes, it is advisable for students to take a break, if possible sleep for about 30 minutes or an hour as this will help you calm your body and brain. Attending classes is hard-work because it has to do with you multi-tasking, taking notes and at the same paying attention,brainstorming etc. Remember that studying too much can burn you out and that is why you need rest  to enable you conserve your energy,Rest is very vital for successful students.

REVISE: we have heard how often it is said by experts that every  students must revise whatever they have been taught not later than 24 hours after it has been taught.This simply means that you must revise all that you have learnt for the day, that same day, from one subject to another, taking one topic at a time.Read this topics through in your textbooks and make comparisons but do not forget to note certain keywords,concepts and definitions.

REWRITE:This is the step where you might need a dictionary to enable you understand certain vocabularies, you will also need a personal notebook apart from your class notes or even a jotter,go on to divide this personal note into the number of subjects you study for easy reference. You are then required to interpret your class notes and textbooks but this time, using your own words and language.Ensuring that you have gotten a clear understanding of the information in your textbooks and class notes is key in executing this step perfectly.  The whole Idea is to make summary of all you have read into a smaller size for quick reading and understanding.

READ: On completion of the above step,you can now read your new personal note,Read it with great comfort,read it like a music you just composed with love and’s like a text you just gave birth to,you are the author but never forget to consult other textbooks if you don’t get anything clearly.Ensure that you make corrections where necessary and even formulate questions you might want to ask other students or your teachers the next day.

RECITE:Taking Information’s from our short to long term memory is achieved through recitation. This is far different from cramming. Note that in cramming, you do not understand the concept but you can say it,while recitation is one’s ability to have proper understanding of a concept and even remember it. After reading, recite definitions, concepts, say it aloud,you can even try writing down a definition without glancing at your note.Acronyms and Mnemonics can help too.

REFLECT: Take some time as a student to reflect on what you have read. Research shows that students who reflect on what they have read become successful. Reflection helps you visualize all that you have learnt and read without looking at your notes or textbook.This is optimally done in one’s quiet times.

REVIEW: This step is best advised to be done on weekends, it is the time when you take time and go though all that have been learnt in the week.Time allocation to different courses is key in this step,consult your textbooks, notes and your personal notes for good comprehension.


With these steps, be sure that as a student, you are on your way to academic stardom and excellence in studies. Feel free to add more time to this process to enable you carry it out effectively.Trust me when i say that it will help you develop good reading habits.Like every great work, it may seem uneasy in the beginning but daily practice will make it easy,soo very easy.

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