Study in Finland; free tuition universities, living cost and how to apply



Universities in finland are inviting applicants who are seeking to further their undergraduate program regardless of your ability to pay since the  universities are operating tuition free as  education is funded by the government. As a student studying in Finland, you only need to budget for your living expenses which is estimated at €600 per month. This amount covers the cost of accommodation, food, books, clothes etc

Type: Undergraduate

Breakdown of c0st of living

Generally, the cost of living in Finland as a whole is estimated at 600 Euros every month, though it depends on ones spending habbits. Rent in the student dormitory is about 300 Euros a month. Launch at the unicafe student cafeterias costs between 2.30 and 4.30 Euros for undergraduate students and 4.25 and 6.20 for postgraduate students.

  Application procedure:

All admission applications are done through the university admissions Finland’s my UAF service. This service is free, all you need do is create an account with them and start your admission application.

All undergraduate applicants will be expected to write an entrance examination on getting to Finland . Entrance examinations are the sole avenue to undergraduate programme at Finnish universities.  This policy applies to all applicants both Finnish and foreign alike. Also note that this entrance examination is a written, subject related test with one or several books to read. The minimum point requirements are defined by the admissions board of the university.


Fees and tuition

Like I said at the onset, universities in Finland are tuition free! Education is subsidized by the state through the ministry of education, and  students are exempted from fee payment. This also applies to the international degree students and visiting students as well.

How to apply

All admissions into Finish universities are carried out by university admissions Finland’s my UAF service. You can create an account with them and manage your application

Application Deadline:

Application period for undergraduate studies in Finland is usually between March and April. Note that the undergraduate studies are only available in Finnish or Swedish languages.

Admission period for postgraduate studies begins November and closes 31 January 2018 . Please note that degree programmes have different deadlines, so you have to check deadlines from the university webpage to know when to send your application.

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